A Swinging Adventure #1: It Feels Like the First Time (because it is)


One of the reasons that we have taken a hiatus from blogging in recent months is because we have devoted some of that energy to exploring new sexual adventures, including swinging.  (This may sound like it shouldn’t take up too much of our time, but you would be surprised…explanation to follow later.) When I first seriously broached the idea of this to Morgan, she was in complete disbelief.  As I have mentioned in some earlier posts, I had not had any partners in the past who could be considered sexually adventurous, and certainly none who would entertain the thought of swinging.  Morgan and I had talked about it in the previous six months, but only in more of a general discussion of the variety of possibilities in the world of sex.  Now, I had made the bold step of creating an account on a swinger website and I showed it to her.  While initially shocked, and after an interrogation of my motives and thoughts along the lines of “How did you come to this decision?”, she became intrigued at the possibility of this being more than simply talk.

After joining the site and adding some pictures to our profile, we quickly started receiving messages from other interested couples in our area.  We live in a fairly conservative region and it was surprising to find so many people who were self-identified as swingers and lived within a short drive from our residence.  After about a week, we started chatting online with a few people and we found that we had a lot in common with one particular couple.  It really was like an online dating sort of relationship.  Because of the connection we seemed to have we decided to meet for dinner.

This is where it gets even more interesting.  You would think that meeting other people, especially with similar interests, should be easy.  Wrong.  The anticipation and nerves are even worse than going out on a regular first date with one other person.  In the case of a normal first date, sex is always an option but the relationship is what both of you are seeking.  In our situation, we already had a relationship, but sex with someone else was the reason we were meeting.  So, in a way, all of your desires are already out on the table.

While awkward at times, the dinner went went and we talked with this couple for about three hours that night.  They were very down-to-earth and everyday people.  Most importantly we left feeling like it is completely normal to explore the sexual landscape.  So, now the next step was: Are we going to actually have sex with another couple? If so, how? When? Where?

Seasons of Love (of Exploration)!

We are back!  We have taken an unintended sabbatical from blogging for the past several months, but we have been busier than ever and we have a lot of things to share regarding our experiences and adventures.  A short list of these experiences include: swinging, threesomes, non-monogamy and bdsm among others.

Here is a photo to hopefully keep you momentarily satiated while you wait for our first full post coming soon!


Sexing up the Movies

We had entirely too much fun with the latest Sinful Sunday competition, “Sexing up the Movies!” We eventually had to pick a favorite entry, but we had so many good ideas we didn’t just want them to go to waste! (Not that they did – taking them was definitely its own fun! But we like to share! ;)

And so, in no particular order, we give you more movies! 

DSC05251 The Thin Red Line 







Mission Impossible





















Stand and Deliver (or Free Willy – we couldn’t decide!) 













Toy Story 3





Pretty in Pink 


Sinful Sunday – Clear and Present Danger

This week’s Sinful Sunday is a competition challenge to sex up the movies.

We give you, “Clear and Present Danger.”


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Sinful Sunday – The View



to maintain

control –


his assertive hands,

voracious mouth,

demanding cock

turn me, propel me



I am strained,



My world is sensation,

and it spins.


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Learning to be a Dominant

“Please, I want it,” her eyes beg.  On her knees and looking up at me, her soft lips part to reveal her ever-excited tongue. She has given herself to me.  She unconsciously trembles at her own enjoyment, in anticipation of more orders to be delivered.  She is turning herself, her body, her mind, over to me for control, temporarily entrusting me with all her being.  I draw her up to me and consume her entirety in my arms.  Enveloping her in my embrace, I direct her to the bed with a soft whisper in her ear, “Now, I’m going to fuck you…hard.”

I enjoy being dominant not because of what my wife, my submissive, says with her mouth (although what she does with her mouth is very enjoyable), but more so what she says with her eyes.  When she is aroused, her eyes will forever betray her. She can be embarrassed by this at times, but I absolutely love it. She loves relinquishing control to me, and I am more than willing to oblige her in these unspoken requests.  Interestingly enough, while I do certainly enjoy having “the power” to direct my own sexual fantasies, I equally, if not more so, enjoy pleasing her.  (Ironically, I often wonder if it is me that has submissive tendencies because I have this strong desire to please.)

Our dominant/submissive relationship is a recent development and an exciting new part of our marriage. It is not easy.  And I suppose it is safe to say that nothing worth doing ever is easy.  Speaking for myself, being a dominant is very enjoyable, but requires more work than I had imagined.  I find that most of the work is mental, not physical as one may assume.  There is a considerable amount of time that I put into devising weekly assignments for my submissive and even more time spent considering and creating a successful scene.  I can imagine that many people experiment with these roles only to realize that they cannot sustain them for any considerable length of time.  Who knows, at this point, how long we can keep this up. Being a dominant, or a submissive for that matter, often requires a lifestyle change, similar to that of someone who is out of shape starting and then maintaining a rigorous exercise routine.

What I can undoubtedly declare is that this experience has made me think more about my wife, what she likes, what she desires, and what she thinks. And even when she is hesitant to reveal her desires and fantasies to me, her eyes give her away. I love that.


Sinful Sunday – Morning After Edition

Last night we went out to a formal event. And stayed out partying until 5 a.m. We are too old now to get away with that, and we have spent the better part of the day paying for this night of fun! But I did manage to get this pretty picture of my sleeping wife, complete with her sunburn and fallen curls from the day before. I also liked waking up to find our clothes from last night littering the floor, both his and hers tangled together on the same side of the bed – a sure sign that we tried our best to make love when we got home. I’m pretty sure we eventually gave up, unsuccessful, but now I can wake up my beautiful wife and finish what we started last night!



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